Kingfisher | Surf Resort | Mentawai, Indonesia

What to bring




I’m not your mother! But here’s a few suggestions of what to bring anyway…

Boards: Most people travel with two to three boards. A small and medium sized board for most conditions and a bigger board for when the swell comes up is a safe bet.

Bodyboard: Riders of all forms of surf craft are welcome at Kingfisher Bay Resort. There are some great bodyboarding waves in the area, so don’t forget to pack the lid.

Money: ATM access is only available in Padang. With this in mind be sure to carry enough cash to cover possible additional costs at the resort such as: souvenirs, snacks, drinks and long distant surf trips to other islands.

Ding repair kit: Although we do have ding repair equipment onsite, we recommend bringing your own supply, at the least some kind of sun cure product.

Reef booties: Most of our surfing locations are reef breaks. Shred the waves, not your feet.

Leg ropes: The more the merrier. Three 8mm leg ropes should do the trick.

Wax: If full deck Gorilla Grip isn’t your style, bring two to three blocks of tropical water surfboard wax.

Sun protection: Don’t nominate yourself as a target for ‘sunburn slappers’. The Sumatran sun can pack some punch, so bring a rash top, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and zinc.

Clothing: The temperature rarely falls below 27 degrees Celsius, so light and cool clothing is recommended. Thin long sleeved top and pants are also handy for evening wear (this is when mosquito’s come out).

Hiking shoes: If you want to get down and dirty on a jungle trek.

Snorkelling and fishing equipment: Although we do provide basic equipment at the resort, we recommend bringing your own gear for these activities.

Alcohol: Although we have a selection of beers available at the resort, we are unable to provide hard liquor due to local regulations. However guests are more than welcome to bring duty free purchased wine and spirits for consumption at the resort.

Plus: sandals or flip flops, insect repellent, camera, small backpack, electrical adaptors, basic first aid supply, beach towel, sunglasses.