Kingfisher | Surf Resort | Mentawai, Indonesia






Kingfisher Resort is the ultimate destination to relax and switch off from the routines of everyday life. Whether you’re a barrel-hunting surfer looking for the best waves in Indonesia, or just an adventurous traveler wanting to enjoy paradise far away from the crowds, Kingfisher Resort is for you. Our three bungalows, built in traditional Mentawai style, are located on the palm-lined shores of the remote Sipora island, offering a private getaway with comfort, convenience and incredible waves all year round.


Getting to Kingfisher Resort is no walk in the park. Unlike many other surf destinations in Indo, journeying into the remote parts of Mentawais requires determination and planning. Fortunately, making the trip isn’t as hard as it used to be, thanks to the improved transport lines via planes, cars, boats, and ferries that run almost daily. There are no shortcuts to Kingfisher Resort, but those who have made the journey will attest that the challenge is totally worth it. Our “Trip” section explains everything you need to know to get here.


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Kingfisher Resort is stragetically positioned to score you the waves of your life, no matter the conditions. At your doorstep lies the super consistent and fun Lance’s Left, and just around the corner you’ll find the world-renowned gem, Lance’s Right (Hollow Trees). Whatever direction the wind or swell, there is always sizable, offshore waves to be had, and our speedboat is on standby to find you the best waves on any given day.