Kingfisher | Surf Resort | Mentawai, Indonesia

overview by month




The best thing about our surfing lifestyle is that we recognise everyone is unique. People have different surfing styles characterized by their personalities and therefore they enjoy surfing waves that suit their style. Some like big, stand up barrels, while others are happiest surfing a mellow 3-ft peeling point. The Mentawais gets swell year-round, though the waves do change from month to month. We are open from March until November and below is a summary of the types of waves you can expect during each month of the year to help you choose the perfect time to come visit us in paradise.


  • Surfers looking for fun sized waves in the 3-4 feet range.
  • Very light winds and great weather creating those glassy mentawai days you always see in the magazines.
  • Minimal crowds.
  • Suitable for surfers who is not particularly looking for a stand up barrel but rather fun perfect waves with just you and your mates.


  • Southern Indian ocean starts to kick into gear.
  • Wind is still light and clean ground swell becomes a regular occurance.
  • Crowds are few at the beginning of the month and increases towards the tail end.
  • One of our favorite months to be on the island.


  • Considered a prime month in the Mentawais.
  • Surflines pick of the month for best surf destination in the world.
  • By this time the Indian ocean is a wave producing machine delivering a new swell every 3-5 days.
  • Conditions are characterised by light and variable winds producing amazing waves at Lances Left and Lances Right (Hollow Trees).
  • Some of the best waves of the year are normally encountered in the month of May.

June & July

  • We discuss these two months together as they are very similar.
  • Loads of swell.
  • Peak season in Mentawais so June and July are normally the bussiest, however a crowded day out here consists of 20-30 guys and there are more than enough waves to go around.
  • These months are a bit windier, but we are strategically located in an area where we can find offshore waves everyday.
  • Surfers looking for big barrels prefer June and July.


  • The south east trade wind becomes predominent during this month which is perfect for the lefts.
  • Guests visiting this month normally enjoy ideal conditions at the wave right on their doorstep, Lances Left.
  • High season in the Mentawais due to the amount of swell this month gets but is less crowded than June and July.


  • Starting to enter the tail end of the season.
  • Crowds are starting to thin out.
  • Thunderstorm activity is starting to slowly increase - which is welcomed by us here at Kingfisher. After a thunderstorm there is normally not a breath of wind creating periods of dreamy glassy conditions.
  • Trade winds decrease and this month usually has good days at all the waves in our area due to the windless periods after thunderstorms.


  • This month usually sees the last couple of proper swells of the year pass through.
  • Increasing thunderstorm activity as we enter the rainy season.
  • October has some phenominal days each year, however they are fewer and further apart than the high season months.
  • We advise our guests visiting in this month to stay a little longer increasing their chances to score those amazing days with just a handfull of guys out.
  • Minimal crowds during this month.


  • The Indian ocean wave producing machine comes to a halt.
  • Waves are in the fun 3 feet range.
  • Perfect for surfers looking to get away from the crowds at home and come surf extremely fun waves in warm water.
  • Hardly anyone around.