Kingfisher | Surf Resort | Mentawai, Indonesia

Health and Safety




Every adventure comes with risks, though these can be minimized by following some simple guidelines.

Travel insurance

Because the nature of surfing and other adventurous activities involves an element of risk, we require all visitors to be covered by travel insurance.

First aid

As part of our service, there is always at least one staff member on-site, qualified in Senior First Aid. Equipped with an extensive medical kit, our team can treat most minor injuries on location. However, should a more serious accident or illness occur, we will arrange for transportation to the nearest harbour for hospital treatment. A new hospital opened in 2016 in a village about 30 min away from us.


Although malaria does exist in the Mentawai islands, the risk level is not the same throughout the region. The malaria virus is transmitted through human carriers, therefore concentrated populations such as towns and villages are far more prone to an outbreak. As such, one of the major advantages at Kingfisher Bay Resort is its isolated location, 5 kilometers from the nearest village.

Even though our location dramatically reduces the risk of infection, we still take every precaution possible: air-conditioned and fan-cooled rooms to reduce the hindrance of mosquitos, strategic use of plants that naturally repel mosquitoes, pyrethrum soaked mosquito nets for sleeping, mosquito coils and electrically charged repellents.

In the rare event of somebody showing the symptoms of infection, we have malaria testing kits on-site with the latest and most effective medicine for emergency treatment.


The resort is positioned at the base of a 50 meter tall hill, 200 meters behind the Kingfisher bungalows. In the event of an earthquake guests will be gathered in our designated ‘round up’ area in front of the restaurant and then proceed to the hill.


Depending on the seriousness of an illness or injury, we can transport guests to a Mentawai-based hospital (30 min), arrange a plane departure to Padang (depending on flight schedules), or in an extreme emergency, transport the guest to Padang directly via the resort speedboat (4.5 hours).