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Surf Report: March 9 - March 18 , 2018

The Mentawai season is well underway and it has been super fun out here. Even though there has not been any major swells to write home about, the Mentawais have been offering up more than enough to keep all the visiting surfers stoked.

top to bottom-35.jpg
This semi-secret left (pictured above) came to life last week when all the elements aligned and our guest, Rory, was more than happy to collect a few gems
— jaco, kingfisher surfguide

Weather: Early season weather has been great, sunny days with light and variable winds.

Swell: It has been pretty small in the Mentawais, so we were mostly surfing the swell magnets. On the 12th and 13th we had a fun medium size swell come through accompanied by light winds which made for some great surfing conditions.

Off shore days: We were able to find offshore days everyday, except for one, were the dreaded South wind blew out most spots.

Best sessions: During this trip we had a couple of great sessions. Even though it was not big, it made up in peer perfection and ideal wind conditions. One session that stands out was at a semi-secret spot we like to surf. It is pretty fickle, so scoring it perfect was a real highlight. Also, there was not another surfer in sight, which just added to the excitement and stoke of surfing perfect waves alone. Besides that, we had a couple of really good sessions at Lances Left, just showing how consistent this wave is even in the small swell we had this week.

Crowd: Early season is still un-crowded, and we made an effort to get away from any charter boats this trip. We surfed alone more often than not.

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Check back in next week to see what has been happening in the Mentawais. We are expecting some decent South swell to hit later the week so watch this space. S

Jaco Steyn