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All girls surf trip with Bianca Buitendag

First ever all girls surf trip at Kingfisher Mentawai Resort. Come join professional surfer Bianca Buitendag for 11 days in the Mentawais. Surf perfect waves, go snorkeling or visit some breath-taking beaches while getting some professional surfing tips from Bianca.

  • Only 8 spots available
  • Surf and explore tropical islands with Bianca
  • Receive expert surfing tips from a professional
  • Date: 5 July - 16 July, 2017
  • Trip cost: $ 2440 USD
  • Package includes: Accommodation in beach bungalows, equipped with A/C, mini-bar, wifi, docking station. 3 meals a day and all snacks. Daily speedboat on standby to take you to all local waves and beaches. Return boat transfers from Padang to Kingfisher Resort.

We will take care of all travel arrangements from Padang (PNG) onwards, where the guest will be met by our ground staff. The guest will need to arrange their own flights to Padang (PNG). There are daily flights from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Jakarta (CGK) to Padang. Please refer to our trip section for more info.

For this special trip we are collaborating with Bali Surfer Girls and they will be taking care of all enquiries and arrange your trip from start to finish.

Mobile (WhatsApp): +61 450 099 587


Bali surfer girls will be on standby 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

Alternatively you can simply fill out this form to make a booking.

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Package includes:

  • Return transfers from Padang airport to Kingfisher Surf Resort
  • Return boat transfers from Padang to Kingfisher Resort
  • 11 days Accommodation in beach bungalows
  • Bungalows are equipped with Air-conditioning, mini-bar, wifi, Ipod docking station
  • 3 meals a day, all snacks, drinking water and coffee/tea
  • Daily speedboat on standby to take the girls to all local waves and beaches
  • Use of resort scooters to go exploring (one of the staff will accompany the girls)
  • Jungle walks
  • Visiting secluded lakes and amazing small islands
  • Use of resort snorkeling and fishing gear
  • Use of all resort amenities
  • Slackline
  • Pool table
  • Ping Pong Table

Waves at and near Kingfisher Mentawai:

There are some softer waves at Kingfisher Mentawai Surf Resort. Beach breaks and long points. But some days we will surf bigger waves with Bianca, and other days go to beach breaks. Just note that this is not a learn to surf camp, but Kingfisher Mentawai Surf Resort does cater for surfers that are not too confident in the bigger waves.

We have a massive variety of waves. Your bungalow over looks the perfect Lances Left. A long left that has several take of spots. You can either surf further up the reef where it barrels, or on the shoulder that allows you to get in easy and offers long rides. For the chargers Lances Right is just around the corner by boat. A picture perfect right hand barrel and one of the best waves in the whole of Indonesia. We have 3 beach breaks in our area. The closest one being only 5 min from the resort and is the perfect place to surf if you are a beginner. Having 15 years experience in our area, we know of several secret spots to sneak off to so that we can surf alone with just our friends. The secret spots range from long right hand points, beach breaks and heavy barreling slabs.

What to read & do if you wish to join us:

1.   Girls will need to arrange their own flights to Padang (PNG). There are daily flights from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Jakarta (CGK) to Padang.

2. Please refer to "getting-there" section for more information

3.   Book flights to arrive in Padang (PNG) airport by Tuesday 4 July and please ensure your flight is scheduled to arrive at Padang airport before 5PM. 

Bianca's photographer Chris Rogers can have girls under 18 traveling with him from South Africa if this is an option for you. Bianca is traveling from Europe on a tight competition schedule until she arrives at Kingfisher Mentawai Surf Resort. As the resort is providing pick up from the Padang airport with two of their English speaking female staff, we think it is safe to fly solo to Padang airport. Kingfisher Mentawai have experience in organising trips for solo teenage surf travellers from Australia, Europe, South Africa and USA for many years. Bali Surfer Girls will only collaborate with surf resorts that provide such care and quality services.

4.  Dani (native English speaker) and Yeni (native Indonesia speaker & speaks English too) will be taking turns picking up all the girls up from Padang airport to a safe hotel for an over night stay in Padang. Yeni (general manager of travel for Mentawai and Padang) and Dani Volbrecht (yoga instructor & Thai yoga massage specialist) are the long term female staff from Kingfisher Mentawai Surf Resort. 

Reason for the over night stay is due to the ferry from Padang to the Mentawai - the ferry leaves from Padang departs only at 7AM and there are usually not many connecting flights before the ferry departure time in the early morning.

5. Dani will be staying over night at the hotel with all the girls. Over night hotel stay is approximately $ 20 USD per night plus standard Indonesian meals are under $ 5 and western meals are under $ 10 per meal in Padang.

6. Please bring enough cash for your usual holiday spend. You can withdraw money from any ATM in Padang. Moneychanger at Padang has good foreign currency exchange rates. Usually the most known currency are Australian or US dollars. You can exchange it on the day you arrive in Padang.

7. Please read exclusions and inclusions to understand how much you need to budget for your holiday. Including surf travel specific insurance to consider as per terms and conditions under Kingfisher Mentawai Surf Resort.


  • Hotel in Padang (20 USD a night)
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Mentawai government tax (70 USD paid on arrival)


  • Thai yoga massage
  • Yoga lessons
  • Wood carving lessons
  • Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks

8. Please read exclusions and inclusions to decide what you need to bring. 

We recommend and usually pack: 

  • surf equipment (2x surfboards, 6-8 fins, 2x leg-rope, 3x tropical wax, reef booties)
  • two sets of one-piece rash swimwear for sun protection
  • lots of sun block and zinc creams
  • beach towel
  • skincare creams, haircare products, toiletries (including sanitary)
  • standard first aid items for water sports activities and mosquito repellent
  • summer clothing, scarfs and long pants/skirts (culturally respectful)
  • organic vegan bars (transit food)
  • media cards for photos (makes sharing photos more efficient & simple)
  • waterproof action camera and smart phone.

9. Once you are ready, please book the flights and send us a copy of your flight details to help Yeni and Dani with picking you up from Padang airport.


All trips to the Memtawais start and end in Padang (PDG). Bali Surfer Girls will help arrange your flights that are the most convenient and efficient to get to Padang. The girls will need to arrive in Padang on the 4th of July. At the airport they will be picked up by our travel manager, Yeni, as well as Dani, a fluent English speaking girl. From the airport the girls will be taken to their over-night hotel in Padang. Dani will stay with the girls in Padang for the night keeping an eye on them and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. The next morning, 5th of July, the girls will be picked up by Yeni at their hotel and taken to the fast ferry. The fast ferry departs at 7 am on the morning of the 5th and will be our way of transport out to the Mentawai islands. Dani will also be accompanying the girls on the ferry. It takes about 3 hours with the fast ferry to reach our destination, Tua Pajet, the capital of the Mentawais.. There our resort speedboat will be waiting for the girls and take them the rest of the way to Kingfisher Resort.

Transfers back from Kingfisher on the 16th of July are the same. The girls will have an over night stay in Padang, and fly back home on the 17th of July.


No, a free 30-day visa is issued once you enter Indonesia


Yes this is highly recommended. You will need money for the hotel in Padang, if you want to buy souvenirs or buy extra drinks at the bar.


No, so it is best to exchange or draw money in Padang, the city you fly to.


Yes all girls must have travel insurance with a emergency evacuation plan.


There is no malaria in this area. However, some people still prefer to take malaria tablets when visiting the Mentawais.


Yes. We take this very seriously. Kingfisher resort is registered for all tsunami alerts in the area. In the case of a potential tsunami, everyone will gather in the restaurant and proceed to the hill behind the resort. Kingfisher is located at the base of a 25m hill. A 2m wide path is cleared from the resort all the way up the hill, which makes it easy and quick to get up.

*photos courtesy of @roxy, @ryanheywood and @migualsoares

Jaco Steyn